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How Ya Doin'?

Back from Clubmed

Yay so happy, I just got back from Clubmed Bali and I had a blast! Apart from the frustration from the first coupla nights with the boyfriend issues I was mostly enjoying myself in Bali! Didn't know how he got the idea that I would go search for Kuta boys...grrrr. Why would I need to find them!?

How do they look like anyway?

From lonelyplanet(pun unintended)


Not really my type leh...

I told myself not to start on any new Korean drama right....


I totally did not listen to myself!

HAHAHAHA. In Bali I finished another series of korean drama. OMG.

So sad this show, cos its about this girl(from IdoIdo...damn I love this girl now), who got cancer and she has to try to live her life to the fullest and fulfill her bucket list wishes! And one of it was to fall in love....awwww.

Must try not to watch another one. 



Lie to me!

I am a super auntie this weekend. Bo dai bo jee I go and start on a new Korean drama. Lie to me. 

WHY?!!!???? WHY DID I GO AND START?!!!???

Start liao cannot stop. The whole weekend I am like a paralyzed woman, cannot do a thing at all! Eat cup noodles, eat frozen pizza, eat chips, don want to go gym...just stay home and watch this 16 episode drama in 2 days. 

I finally finished this afternoon at 1pm and soon after that my life resumed back to normal. Started reading, went to the gym, went out for dinner, went for foot reflex....great to have my life back.

This drama is about this girl trying to redeem herself in front of her backstabber bitch ex best friend who stole her crush and still buay paiseh wanna hao lian about it, and so the girl lied and said she's married. Then one lie led to another and become a super big lie. Cos people misunderstood and started more rumours that she's married to this hunk! Gosh the problem with these korean dramas is that the actors and actresses just grow on you!!! He may not look like anything to you right now but the more you watch the more you like him! And the girl is gong gong toot toot but very funny type...haha. Her hair is like mine...I just need to curl the ends(after I find out how...I am damn lousy at such things).


The ending is okay only...but I think the best parts are in the middle of the series. Ok I am just going to wait for the weekly 2 episodes of IdoIdo and not start on any new dramas for awhile! 



I am so scared of starting on Korean drama serials. I just get so hooked and I can't sleep until I finish that next episode. 

Which is...never sleep!

Jenny had to tell me about this new Korean drama, IdoIdo(I do, I do) airing right now that I might be interested. The first 2 episodes were pretty *yawn* but it got so good at the 3rd episode onwards! Argh...I'm excited about the 2 episodes coming up this week! Ppstv rawks ok. I'd buy a new ipad just so I can watch ppstv in RETINA DISPLAY.

PPSTVPPSTVPPSTV. Thank you so much for coming to Apple apps and my life!

I love you Ppstv.

So this show is about some coming of age woman[like me :( ...] who is some career power woman [not like me :(...] who works for this big shoe company and all the funny things that happen which this 2 guys that are in her life. The fashion and the shoes in the show are super inspiring me to dress up more and deviate away from my daily comfy go-to black pumps!

Gonna go to Bali next week...am thinking of buying a pair of wedges for it! But all the wedges I see are so high! Why so high ah??? Want to really be above the sand is it?! 

Retrolicious Seoul Garden

I remember the good ol' MGS days where every other Fridays I would go to the public pay phone and insert 10cents to call my parents to ask if I could go with my friends for Seoul Garden lunch. And when we do go, we just eat loads and loads because we are Auntie at a very young age....wanna eat the most amount of food especially prawns and meat for that student priced buffet. 

Had dinner with the girls tonight at the very same Seoul Garden at Ngee Ann City. The same 5th floor outlet, albeit smaller, as they were half taken over by Breeks. We initially wanted to do Imperial Treasure steamboat but it was really costly and then we booked Coca and then I really felt like having hot plate meat and steamboat at the same time so I veered them towards Seoul Garden.

Great choice I must say. It's so much cheaper as compared to the first 2 choices and there's even ice cream and ice shaven desserts at the end. 

This is a damn random post. But better than nothing huh? 

Some updates for the week

Haven't had the inspiration to write a long post all week! But was really active on twitter.

Which was another odd thing because I am usually not into it. But I guess all the interactions between people there made it more interesting than when I last tweeted...thats like probably in 2011.

Anyways here are some updates for the week! If you are interested to read more then go to twitter. Not so sure how to post the tweets nicely but I don't really care. Haha as long as it's legible here! Maybe should put the twitter badge here...

Have to go back and buy somemore to get that 10%!

Cb! Buy finish then just tell me got 10% off! Cannot cancel my order cos one hour has passed.

4 dresses from Asos in 2 days. 2 of which is a different colour to what I have now. 1 is a "back up" dress in case the one I have spoils!

Hey remember to change your facebook 3rd party advert settings to no one!

Great to be away and great to be back

I've been going away more frequently than usual in the past month, KL in beginning May, Bangkok in mid may and with the recent trip to Tokyo at the end of May, I really understand why people are so tired traveling for work! I am already pretty tired from traveling for leisure. The redeye flight to Tokyo and back is really very very very tiring. I got back this morning at 6+ and I slept from 9am to about 4pm. 

Regardless, I really enjoyed this trip to Tokyo. Maybe is the distance, the great food, the people, the fashion, the great company <3<3(can't believe I am using that symbol), paktoring in Tokyo on a Saturday is fucking amazing(and expensive haha cos of the air tix)...I really felt that I went away and I had a good short holiday and felt truly loved since a long long time.

So very happy lah.

I actually bought a new pair of Ferragamo flats for this trip($500) thinking that I would walk in style and comfort in Tokyo, but omfg the shoe needed time to break into and at the end of my red eye flight to Tokyo my feet were on FIREEEEEEEEEE. And I had these massive angry blisters which were so painful I was walking like a duck at the airport and to the hotel. I had to change shoes but no shoes would help because the blisters were already formed. I had to accidentally bring another tight shoe to Tokyo and I had to wear that because they hurt a different part of my feet(at least not the blisters for now), I must have been walking like a slut duck because 3 men came to chat me up.

Of course I wasn't interested in any of them, especially with my blisters and my tiredness from my flight. I just kept saying no, or I don't speak Japanese(then one of the guys said that he speaks English), and have a good day bye. 

Anyway more pictures later. I had such a good time I want to document this. (Same goes for my Paris trip in Jan) 

Great to be back!

Damn lousy

I saw my race results and I thought that I would probably do badly running 10km in 1 hour 20 mins. But nooo...

I did DAMN horribly at 1h28mins.

Almost 90 mins! About the time of a movie screening! 

Disappointed disappointed. 

But I guess I am really unfit and lazy ever since I got attached. Skipped loads of gym and yoga and instead went for lunches and dinners. *Sheepish grin*

Ok I will vow to do better than this timing next time!

I survived!

I survived yet another 10k run last night! I always try to make myself do a 10k every year because it helps inspire me to go to the gym. It's only 10k, many would assume, but to me it's a whole lot to run! I just don't have the willpower/stamina to run long distances. At the end of the run, I have this hidden gear to chiong to the finish line and that makes me wonder, did I really put effort into the running in the past 9k. Maybe I have it in me, but I am just so weak-willed I just run ever so slowly.

The night before the run I went out till 3am and I slept at 430am cos I was watching this Korean drama, Fashion King, which by the way was very nice all the way until the ending which sucked. Loved the Korean fashion display. Yeah watched that, and slept for 5 hours before heading out to run errands. Did the smart alec thing and went for a 90 min foot massage instead of rushing home to sleep as much as I could....by the time I got home, I only managed to sleep for an hour. Maybe its the jitters for the upcoming run, the stress from the work week, I just cannot sleep!

3 more days and I am off to Tokyo. Pretty excited about that. But definitely not about the rumoured radiation part. All the pregnancy got odd stories, or do not get pregnant for 3 years, or that one about the cherry blossom having a weird colour and a flower growing inside a flower...is NOT HELPING!


I asked my Tokyo colleague and he said it was fine and the food was clean. I'm sure people are exaggerating some stuff and its not that bad. Is it? 

Really miss the fashion in Japan, the awesomely dressed up girls which are always an inspiration for me to look really nice when I am in Japan as compared to any other country. Which reminds me that I have to pack my flat iron for the trip. Yes and the non-radiation awesome food! I had the bestest ikura sushi when I was there! 

Busy June ahead. Two trips planned and some work shit to clear. I hope everything goes well. Please come back my rainbow lucky streak!  


Did something gravely wrong yesterday.

I wouldn't say I did...but more of what I did not do.


This forgetfulness incident caused a massive incident that could have been avoided if I hadn't forgot. And the worst part was that I woke up this morning...REMEMBERING what I forgot to do. I woke up cold because I know I am in deep shit.I usually ride through suayness like a breeze....is my lucky streak starting to go away?


Please don't go away my lucky rainbow streak! Please!

Yes somehow I imagine it to be a rainbow.

Ok anyway I managed to get through this horrid horrid day. Did I mention I even went for an injection for my allergies? 

That part happened last night(hmm I think 21st May 2012 is my suay day) where I was at a coffeeshop having dinner with my dad. I specifically told the girl, NO PRAWN, on my dish and lo and behold, many prawns appeared on my dish. She took it back and obviously just removed the prawns, probably throwing each prawn into each chef's mouth like M&Ms, and 2 mins later she brought out the dish. 

Kopitiam leh...how do you expect them to make it again for you? 

So yeah, part of me wanted to see if I was still sensitive to prawn dishes without the prawn and the other part of me felt bad to not eat it. I did and now I have a dry face with rashes, itchy eyes and a plaster on my left arm from the injection. And I'm puffgly.

Ugly puffy.


Yeah back to getting through the day, was quite happy to have my favourite food, pizza, @ Pepperoni for dinner. My very first time and hence a little fearful of ordering too much. After the small pizza and fries(comfort food), I have decided I will order the large one next time!

Forever 21 selling this polka dot top for $12.80 Usd?!

I got it from Bangkok Platinum for like 50 Baht! Ha thats like 2Sgd!

Shopping always makes me happy.